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8 Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Chris Perry, June 6 2013

In today’s job market, you’re undoubtedly contending with countless other job seekers each time you apply for a new opportunity.

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The Top Places to Brand Yourself in Your Job Search

Chris Perry, May 6 2013

When gearing up for a job search, there are plenty of details to think about. But how much time are you spending on developing and communicating your personal brand?

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5 Steps for Successful Networking with Social Media

Chris Perry, April 2 2013

Social media is one of the most powerful networking tools at our fingertips today. It can help us find, connect to and engage with the people who can help us land that next big break.

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The Benefits of an Online Degree: a Student's Perspective

eCampus, October 18 2012

Jessica Regan shares her perspective on the benefits of an online degree and her experience as a student in UW-La Crosse Online's Masters of Science in Student Affairs Administration.

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Health and Wellness Management:  Lands' End Does Wellness in Style

Cheryl Michie June 28, 2012

Wellness programs are becoming more common in the workplace to help offset the rising cost of health care.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 70 percent of work sites plan to make health-promoting changes in their work environment by 2012.

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Top 10 Advantages of an Online College Degree

Chris Perry, June 13, 2012

Post-secondary education can be critical to career advancement and successful career change. However, it can be both physically and financially challenging for professionals to go back to college or grad school to earn their degrees while juggling work and family.

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Virtual Internships: A Valuable Addition to Your Online College Degree Experience

By Laura Jacobs, UW-Whitewater April 4th, 2012

Internships are all the rage these days. Not only has "internship" become a buzzword around college campuses, but these experiences have become an unofficial requirement for securing a job after graduation.

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Seven Steps to Applying For Financial Aid

By Melissa Haberman, Financial Aid Compliance and Training Coordinator - UW Colleges March 13, 2012

It's the time of year to begin the application process to receive financial aid for the 2012-2013 school year. It can seem like an overwhelming project, but it doesn't have to be. The information below will help you get started. Some schools have priority dates for applying. Generally the priority dates range from March 15 to April 15. Check with your school for specifics.

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How to Build Your Credibility Online

Chris Perry, December 20, 2011

Credibility is a combination of your accomplishments, your education and how others perceive you and your personal brand based on your previous words and actions.

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Top 5 Surprisingly Underutilized Job Search Engines

Chris Perry, November 8, 2011

There are many different job sites and job boards online today, so many in fact that it can be difficult and even overwhelming to know where to begin as a job seeker.

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Mobile Computing and Online Learning

Moses Wolfenstein, October 11, 2011

A decade ago, if you heard the phrase "mobile computing," it probably conjured up images of corporate executives with BlackBerries and other assorted power users with expensive gadgets.

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How to Boost Your Resume Experience

Chris Perry, Sept 12, 2011

No matter where you are on your career path, experience is invaluable, even if it is not directly related to the job you plan to apply for. Whether you're in school or simply working a job to pay the bills, it's never too late to boost your resume experience for your ideal career.

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Informational Interviews: How to Ace Them

Chris Perry, July 7, 2011

Last month, we discussed the power of informational interviews in your job search and how to effectively request them. Getting an informational interview is one thing, but the real challenge is acing it so you build a foundation for applying for jobs at that company.

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Informational Interviews: How to Get Them

Chris Perry, May 26, 2011

Informational interviews have a number of things going against them. They sound boring, ineffective and hard to get. However, an informational interview can make or break your job search if used correctly.

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Video Games and the Changing Face of Online Learning

Moses Wolfenstein, April 28, 2011

If you take an online course with one of the University of Wisconsin campuses, you may be asked to access course readings and possibly videos or podcasts online, post to a class web forum, or take a quiz or a test online. All of these uses of digital technology have made the distance learning experience more interactive and more powerful than it was a decade ago.

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