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set out to succeed online through eCampus

Getting Started

The University of Wisconsin System makes it easy to start earning your degree online. Here are some checkpoints to help you along the way.

  1. Find the online degree program that interests you.

    Whether you are pursuing an online certificate, associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate degree, UW eCampus offers a breadth of options throughout the University of Wisconsin System. Remember: Most courses are conducted online. Your degree will be granted from the UW institution through which your program is offered. Your program may be offered by multiple institutions; in such cases, your degree will be granted from the institution you choose as your home campus.

  2. Experience the online learning environment.

    To discover what taking college courses online is like, preview online classes

  3. Will your previous credits transfer?

    You may have previous college credits or coursework from inside or outside the University of Wisconsin System that can be applied toward your future college degree. Learn more.

  4. Consider how to pay for school.

    Financial aid options are available depending on your situation. Talk with your campus financial aid advisor for more information about what might be appropriate for you.

  5. Apply for admission.

    Admission requirements vary depending on which online program interests you. For more information and to begin, visit the Apply Now page.

  6. Have questions?

    Check out our informative FAQ, or simply contact us.