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Complete your application online using the University of Wisconsin System Online Application for Admission. Requirements may vary based on your educational background.

Important reminders:

Your Degree

Though you’ll complete all your courses online, the degree you receive will be granted from the UW institution through which your program is offered. In the event that multiple institutions offer your chosen program, you will be required to select a “home campus” from which to receive educational credits and your degree. Please keep in mind that certain institutions may have different admissions guidelines, depending on which program(s) you are interested in pursuing.

Application Fee

A nonrefundable $50 application fee ($60 for UW-Madison undergraduates) with each application for admission. The application fee is good for one year (two semesters and a summer session). The nonrefundable graduate application fee is $56. However, that fee is NOT required if the last institution you attended was a two-year UW Colleges campus or you are applying as a special student. The fee IS required if you are transferring between University of Wisconsin System four-year campuses or if you have never attended a University of Wisconsin System campus.

Transcripts/Test Scores

Official transcripts of your complete high school record and transcripts from all postsecondary institutions you have attended are also required. Contact your high school and each previously attended institution to request that official transcripts be sent directly to your chosen home campus. If you earned a GED/HSED, an official copy of the qualifying scores must also be submitted from the testing agency. If you have an associate degree or equivalent coursework, the ACT or SAT is not required.

Determining Your Student Classification Type

  • Beginning Students

    If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate enrolling for the first time in a UW System institution and not transferring credits from any other institution, you should apply as a New Freshman.

  • Transfer Students

    If you have previously earned credits at another institution, you should apply as a Transfer Student.

  • Reentry/Transfer Students

    If you have previously attended a UW institution, left for one or more semesters, and are returning to the same institution with transferable credits, you should apply as a Reentry/Transfer Student.

  • Special Students

    If you are not seeking a UW degree but are interested in taking courses, you should apply for admission as a Special Student. To search for courses, please visit Distance Learning Wisconsin.

  • Graduate Students

    If you are (1) a student seeking a graduate degree including a master’s, education specialist, clinical doctorate or PhD or (2) a professional practice student seeking a degree in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine or a clinical doctorate, you should apply as a Graduate/Professional Student.