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Communication Arts (UW-Superior)

Communication and Letters

The Bachelor's Degree in Communicating Arts is concentrated in Speech Communication. This is a versatile degree which can lead to a variety of careers. This major prepares students for professional opportunities in management, human resources, sales, professional development, training, not-for-profit & community development, other business or organizational communication careers, as well as graduate study. The major is 33 credits and requires a minor. Minors available include Business, Geography, Library Science, Psychology, Philosophy, or an Individually Designed Minor.

Total credits required for completion: 120

Required Courses

A minimum of 33 credits to include:

  • COMM 170 Media and Society - 3 credits
  • COMM 211 Interpersonal Communication - 3 credits
  • COMM 251 Principles of Persuasion - 3 credits
  • COMM 332 Communication in Conflict - 3 credits
  • COMM 355 Theorizing Communication - 3 credits
  • COMM 368 Criticism of Film and Television - 3 credits
  • COMM 376 Group Communication Processes - 3 credits
  • COMM 425 Communicating Gender - 3 credits
  • COMM 467 Intercultural Communication - 3 credits
  • COMM 491 Capstone Participation - 0 credits

Capstone Statement: Courses available to be paired with COMM 491 for identification as capstone experience with consent of advisor (minimum three credits) include: COMM 332, 425, 467, 475, 495, 498 — 3 credits. Plus electives in Communicating Arts over 300 to total 33 credits.

Courses in the program are taught by instructors in the Department of Communicating Arts, sharing extensive personal experience in the communications professions.

Admission Requirements

Distance Learning Center admission follows the same comprehensive process used for other UW-Superior admissions categories. You are required to have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in previous college work. Students who have completed high school within the past five years must meet UW-Superior freshmen or transfer admission requirements, as appropriate.

Degree-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Superior

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