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Communication (UW-Milwaukee)


Communication is the study of human symbolic behavior.  Communication courses train students to communicate more effectively; to understand and use various formats of communication including oral, written, nonverbal and visual; and to analyze human communication patterns in educational, interpersonal, inter-cultural, group, organization, rhetorical and public settings.

In an information-based global society, the job candidates in any industry who will be in the highest demand are those who can read, write, process information digitally and intellectually, and effectively share information with colleagues and customers.  These skills are the heart of the study of communication at UWM.

Communication majors pursue careers in business and industry in many different roles: sales representative, personnel manager, public information officer, negotiator, corporate communication specialist, editor, corporate trainer, human resources manager, and buyer. Communication majors also go into advertising, public relations, education, government, health information management, law, social and human services, and technical communication.

Students earning their degree with a Communication major take the same courses as traditional students attending classes in-person. Students may also choose to attend an in-person class at any point in their UWM college career or may choose hybrid or blended courses which have elements of both online and in-person education.

Not all online courses are offered every semester so students are advised to carefully plan their schedule in consultation with their advisor.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a Communication major must first be accepted to UWM following the regular online admissions process at Students may indicate on their application that they intend to major in communication. Since there is no difference between the online program and the in-person program, there is no place on the application that requests information about whether a student intends to take classes online or in-person.

Once admitted to UWM, student may formally declare the Communication major after completing Communication 101 (Introduction to Interpersonal Communication), Communication 103 (Public Speaking), and Communication 105 (Business and Professional Communication) with at least a B- grade in each. Students should declare their major before they complete 75 credits towards the degree.

Degree-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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