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History BA (UW-Milwaukee)


History is more than simply fact-gathering. Students of history ask questions about the past to solve problems of the present. They review multiple and diverse perspectives in order to formulate conclusions, test results, and communicate new ideas. A study of history reveals the complexity of human existence and the reality of human diversity and prepares you to make informed and responsible decisions about issues in the world in which we live.

History majors make good candidates for a number of jobs because they develop the ability to investigate, analyze, and communicate complex interrelationships. They are curious, seek out answers from multiple sources, and learn how to collect information independently. They can present material, and construct arguments in a clear and literate manner.

These same skills are key to becoming a successful leader and decision-maker in both the public and private sector, as well as for advanced work in academics. Many history students go on to work in business, government, law, journalism, marketing, education, research, and politics.

Students earning the History major online take the same courses as traditional students attending classes in-person. Students may also choose to attend an in-person class at any point in their UWM college career or may choose hybrid or blended courses which have elements of both online and in-person education.

Not all online courses are offered every semester so students are advised to carefully plan their schedule in consultation with their advisor.  At present, completing the major online will require students to take some courses during the summer when they are offered in the online format.

Credits for completion

The history major requires 36 credits with a 2.5 GPA in all courses in the major. More information about required courses can be found at

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires a minimum of 120 credits.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a History major must first be accepted to UWM following the regular online admissions process at  Students may indicate on their application that they intend to major in History. Since there is no difference between the online program and the in-person program, there is no place on the application that requests information about whether a student intends to take classes online or in-person.

Once admitted to UWM, student may formally declare the History major after the completion of 15 credits towards a degree.

Degree-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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