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Information Science and Technology BS (UW-Milwaukee)(UW Flexible Option)

Math, Computer and Information Sciences

The cutting-edge Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology (IST) provides you with a quality interdisciplinary and cross-functional education, giving you an understanding of how information is sought, organized, manipulated, repackaged and applied in a variety of settings. Building on a general undergraduate education, the IST introduces issues related to information science, information architecture, human factors in information seeking and use, information storage and retrieval, and applications of the Internet.

The program notably allows students to develop significant interests in other fields of study by choosing associate areas of study, normally minors in fields such as computer science, business, health-care administration and international studies, among others. Join our students, take advantage of our dedicated and internationally respected faculty, and tap the resources of one of the country's great urban research universities by entering a program that will prepare you for a career in our increasingly information-oriented society.

The delivery of coursework over the Internet enables professionals and students from remote locations to participate in the program. Most of the coursework is completed "asynchronously," in non-real time, so students can participate at their convenience. Real-time chats and some "face-to-face" video meetings may be required, depending on the course. The technical requirements are minimal. This program is now available in the self-paced, competency-based UW Flexible Option format.

Total credits required for completion: 120

Admission Requirements

Students who meet the standard university admission requirements are admissible to the School of Information Studies.

Students may begin the program as freshmen or undeclared majors, or after completing several semesters under another major. Students interested in completing the IR program as a second baccalaureate degree are also welcome.

Degree-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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