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Political Science BA (UW-Milwaukee)

Political Science

A Political Science degree provides the foundation for careers in government, law, education, and business through the study of American politics and policy-making, political systems outside the U.S., international organizations, public law, and political theory. It emphasizes reasoning, problem solving, comprehension, research, and writing.

Students majoring in political science can think independently, act with tolerance for others, and have a passion for current affairs. Because these qualities are valued in many fields, students also go on to many different roles in private and public sector organizations. A political science degree coincides nicely with careers in areas such as journalism, international affairs, activism, finance, lobbying, community organization, and teaching.

Graduate or professional school is another option for many students, including those wishing to become lawyers. Salaries range widely depending on the career path and whether an advanced degree is obtained.

Students earning their degree with a Political Science major take the same courses as traditional students attending classes in-person. Students may also choose to attend an in-person class at any point in their UWM college career or may choose hybrid or blended courses which have elements of both online and in-person education.

Not all online courses are offered every semester so students are advised to carefully plan their schedule in consultation with their advisor.

More information about UWM’s online programs in general can be found at or read more about the Political Science major at

Credits for completion

The Political Science major requires 30 credits with a 2.5 GPA in all courses in the major. More information about required courses can be found at

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires a minimum of 120 credits.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a Political Science major must first be accepted to UWM following the regular online admissions process at  Students may indicate on their application that they intend to major in Political Science. Since there is no difference between the online program and the in-person program, there is no place on the application that requests information about whether a student intends to take classes online or in-person.
Once admitted to UWM, student may formally declare the Political Science major after completing 15 credits towards a degree.

Degree-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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