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Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership and Communication (UW-Eau Claire)

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Today's employers expect applicants with bachelor's degrees to possess a broad range of professional leadership skills, from communication and coordination to organization and critical thinking. But with more and more professionals choosing specialized degree programs, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find and hire applicants who have the general professional skills they need to fill vital management and leadership positions.

The 60-credit, online University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership and Communication is a degree completion program specially designed to help returning adult learners develop the breadth of knowledge and skills that employers seek in leaders and managers. Students in this program can use the skills they learn immediately in their own organizations, and upon graduation, they will enjoy expanded career opportunities in any job market, no matter how competitive.

12-Credit Certificate Also Available

The four-course, 12-credit certificate is a great choice if you would like to earn a new credential quickly or if you would like to sample the Organizational Leadership and Communication curriculum before committing to the bachelor's program. Find out more.

Credits For Completion

To complete this degree, you will be required to take all 20 courses in the curriculum for a total of 60 credits. There are no electives. Courses are offered in convenient eight-week sessions (two sessions per semester). Take one or more courses each session.

Admission Requirements

Before applying to the program, you must complete an associate of arts and science at the UW Colleges, comparable associate of arts or associate of sciences, or credits comparable to those required for the associate degree. You are eligible for admission to this program if you have completed approximately 60 semester credits of transferable general education coursework with a 2.0 or better grade point average (GPA).

How To Apply

For information about applying to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program, visit the Organizational Leadership and Communication website and choose the Application and Admission page under the "Get Started" tab. For the 12-credit certificate, choose the appropriate page under the "Program" tab. We will be happy to guide you through the application process.

Degree-Granting Institution

This program is a collaboration of the University of Wisconsin-Extension and UW-Eau Claire.

of Wisconsin Eau Claire

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