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Psychology, BA (UW-Milwaukee)


Psychology is an ideal major for students interested in understanding the social and biological bases of behavior.  In the Psychology Department at UWM, we focus on both experimental psychology and clinical psychology in three specialty areas: behavioral analysis, health and neuroscience.  Behavioral analysis includes the study of depression, child psychology, OCD, learning, self-awareness and repetitive behavior. Health includes work in the areas of anxiety, PTSD, violence, abuse, stress, aging, social support and adherence to medical treatment plans.  Neuroscience heavily intertwines psychology with biology and includes the study of learning and memory, aging, hormones, rehabilitation, emotion, and addiction.

A psychology degree is highly flexible. Some students go on to graduate school or a professional school to become researchers, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, and therapists. Other popular career tracks include social work, business management, marketing, human resources, sales, and real estate. Students of psychology tend to gravitate towards jobs that require a high level of interaction and communication.

Students earning their degree with a Psychology major take the same courses as traditional students attending classes in-person, including laboratory classes which have been adapted for online delivery. Students may also choose to attend an in-person class at any point in their UWM college career or may choose hybrid or blended courses which have elements of both online and in-person education.

Not all online courses are offered every semester so students are advised to carefully plan their schedule in consultation with their advisor.

Credits for completion

The Psychology major requires 31 credits with a 2.5 GPA in all courses in the major.

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires a minimum of 120 credits. For more information on courses see:

Admission Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a Psychology major must first be accepted to UWM following the regular online admissions process at  Students may indicate on their application that they intend to major in Psychology. Since there is no difference between the online program and the in-person program, there is no place on the application that requests information about whether a student intends to take classes online or in-person.

Once admitted to UWM, student may formally declare the Psychology major after (1) completing both Psychology 101 (Introduction to Psychology) and Psychology 210 (Psychological Statistics) with an average GPA of at least 2.62 and (2) completing between 15 and 75 credits towards a degree.

Degree-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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