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Early Childhood—Middle Childhood Certification (UW-Stout)

Education-Related Studies

Teachers who have earned the Early Childhood Certification (Wisconsin #70) can expand their job opportunities by earning the Early Childhood—Middle Childhood Certification, allowing them to teach children through age 11, or 6th grade. This program is distance delivered, allowing individuals to complete the sequence of five courses in their home area, and includes clinical experiences.

Total credits required for completion: 10

Required Courses

Five two-credit graduate-level courses are required for the Early Childhood—Middle Childhood certification.

EDUC 709 Middle Childhood Education (EDUC 709 should be taken initially or concurrently with another course in the sequence.)
EDUC 710 Middle Childhood Teaching: Science
EDUC 711 Middle Childhood Teaching: Mathematics
EDUC 712 Middle Childhood Teaching: Social Studies
EDUC 713 Middle Childhood Teaching: Reading/Language Arts

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for Early Childhood—Middle Childhood certification, an individual must have:

  • Earned or be eligible for Early Childhood Certification (Wisconsin #70)
  • Successfully completed the Praxis II Elementary Knowledge Content Test (ETS# 10014)
  • A satisfactory and recent background check (not applicable if currently teaching)

Certificate-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Stout

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