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International Business Certificate (UW-Platteville)


Learn basic information about management and marketing strategies needed to succeed in world markets and study issues related to world financial markets, foreign exchange exposure, and financial management of the multinational firm.

Required Courses

The certificate includes three courses:

  • BSAD 1300 Global Business - 3 credits
  • BSAD 3720 International Marketing - 3 credits
  • BSAD 3650 International Financial Management - 3 credits

Total credits required for completion: 9

Admission Requirements

First-time Freshmen

To be considered for full admission, you should:

  • Be a graduate of a recognized high school or have a general equivalency diploma (GED) from the appropriate state department of public instruction or its equivalent.
  • Have the high school coursework required by University of Wisconsin-Platteville at the time of graduation, or have the required scores on the GED.
  • Meet the high school graduation rank or ACT score required by UW-Platteville. If you do not meet the traditional admission requirements at the time of your graduation from high school, you may be considered for admission on an individual basis.

Transfer and Re-entrant Students

To apply for admission, you must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00, plus good standing at the university most recently attended. If your GPA is less than 2.00, you will be considered for admission if more than five years have elapsed since you last attended school. You may petition in writing for an exception to the required five-year lapse of time. If you were on probation at the last institution that you attended, five years must have elapsed since the probationary status.

Note that some courses have prerequisites. Check course descriptions for details.

Degree-granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Platteville

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