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Reading Teacher Certification (UW-Stout)

Education-Related Studies

Earn graduate credits via online courses and meet your professional development goals for Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction (WI 316) Reading Teacher licensure requirements.

"I enrolled in the reading certification program with a desire to strengthen my knowledge base in the areas of developmental reading. In doing so, I made myself a better teacher and a better teaching partner.
~ Sandra Buxton, Special Education Teacher, Verona, Wisconsin

"I have always loved teaching all areas of language and have been interested in getting a reading specialist or add-on certificate for quite some time. The opportunity to earn this credit online was just what I had been waiting for."
~ Heather Knight, First Grade Teacher, Bucharest, Romania


All courses are 3 graduate credits and offered online. No travel to campus required. The course sequence is:

Total credits required for completion: 18

Admission Requirements

Application Process:

  • Complete Reading Teacher Certification Program Application including Statement of Goals.
  • Email application materials to the current School of Education Student Services Specialist.
  • Submit official transcript showing degree awarded and GPA.

Eligibility is determined by:

  • Evidence of your professional development goals and commitment to working with students with reading needs (written statement of goals)
  • Evidence of your professional development self analysis and reflection (written statement of goals)
  • Goals relating to seeking reading certification (written statement of goals)
  • Evidence of your current teaching license (application form)
  • Evidence of 2.75 gpa or higher (transcript)

Certificate-Granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Stout

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