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Education - (UW-Stout)

Education-Related Studies

  • No travel to campus required.
  • Begin fall or spring.
  • Financial aid options available.
  • Complete 30 credits and graduate in two years.
  • Choose coursework to match your professional development goals.
  • Earn your reading teacher certification (WI 316), an instructional design certificate, or an e-learning and online teaching certificate.

Core Objectives:

Explore the personal, historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences on educational practice from an organizational and personal perspective.

Analyze current issues and trends in education in the context of educational research and historical foundations of education.

Examine personal practice to reflectively develop a personal philosophy and practice of education in one or more areas of educational specialization.

Examine how various orientations to curriculum integrate the theoretical, instructional, and educational modes of discourse.

Plan, evaluate, and revise curriculum used in one's own practice.

Analyze, evaluate, and revise one's own teaching and make judgments about the appropriateness of various teaching methods in various contexts.

Use and evaluate educational technologies appropriate to ones own practice.

Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying organization and operation of schools.

Interpret educational research and conduct applied research to improve teaching and learning.


Reflect on one's own practice to select goals and formulate a professional development plan or license renewal plan aligned with the Wisconsin Standards.

In collaboration with peers and the professional development team engage in continuous and annual review of the professional development or license renewal plan.

Provide standards-based portfolio evidence of professional development aligned with the accepted teaching standards.

Additionally, several certification options are available through the on-campus M.S. in Education – Certification Concentration. The online program does not provide initial teacher certification.

Total credits required for completion: 30

Admission Requirements

To apply for the Online Masters in Education program, you will need to complete an application to the UW-Stout Graduate School, as well as apply to the online M.S. in Education program. Applicants do not need to take the GRE.

Degree-granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Stout

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