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Professional Educators MS (UW-Madison)

Education-Related Studies

MSPE is a convenient online Master of Science for Professional Educators degree program offered through the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON School of Education's Department of Educational Psychology. It integrates courses from three departments in the School of Education - Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, leading to a Master of Science in Educational Psychology degree. In just two years teaching professionals can complete this 24-credit master of science degree in one of the leading Educational Psychology Departments in the US News & World Report rankings.

MSPE provides teaching professionals the highest quality education from a well-known leader in the field of education.

24-credit Master of Science degree aligned with state and national teaching standards; Fall and Spring online coursework so you can "attend" class when it is convenient for you via the Internet; occasional audio-conferencing during the Fall and Spring. courses keep students and instructors connected to discuss 'real-time' issues; Summer face-to-face coursework on the UW-Madison campus Collaborative networking with other teachers who are part of your 2-year cohort group; Emphasis on practical applications and strategies for K-12 teachers Direct contact with world-class faculty.

Total credits required for completion: 24

Admission Requirements

Individuals applying to the MSPE program must apply to both the UW-Madison Graduate School and to the Department of Educational Psychology. While you can complete much of this application online, you will need to forward some items to the appropriate departments through the mail. It is strongly recommended that you send in all mailed items at one time, making sure that the items are in separate envelopes, as indicated.

Undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher

Completion of on-line forms including both the department and the graduate school (for application information contact the Graduate Admission Coordinator at 608-262-1427 OR by email at

Basic computer technology skills and equipment

Letter of interest, including why you think the MSPE program is a good match for your professional development.

Currently teaching PK-12 and at least two years of teaching experience (strongly recommended).

Two letters of recommendation; at least one must be from your administrator or supervisor. Undergraduate transcript.

Transcript of graduate work (if any).

GRE scores are not required.

Degree-granting Institution

University of Wisconsin Madison

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